Who we are?

The HealthTIES Consortium is a Regions of Knowledge initiative, backed by the European Union, and formed by four of the most relevant regions in biosciences, medical technology and health entrepreneurship.

The HealthTIES Consortium gathers four of Europe’s top regions in biosciences, medical technology and health entrepreneurship : Medical Delta (West of the Netherlands), Biocat (Catalonia), Life Science Zurich(Switzerland) andOxford and Thames Valley (United Kingdom).

One of the tasks of HealthTIES is to use the consolidated experience of each partner to help other regions to strengthen their knowledge base and development, so the Consortium incorporates a fifth region, Ëszak-Alföld (Hungary), with the status of mentored region.

HealthTIES is a Regions of Knowledge (RoK) project. A Region of Knowledge is an initiative of the European Commission defined in the FP7 Programme, which encompasses all research-related initiatives in order to reach the goals of growth, competitiveness and employment.

The Regions of Knowledge aim to strengthen the research potential of the European regions by encouraging and supporting the development of regional ‘research-driven clusters’, associating universities, research centres, enterprises and regional authorities.

Regions of Knowledge projects aim at increasing the capacity of European regions to invest in and develop their commitment in research and, as a consequence, increase their contribution to economic development. Click here for more info about Regions of Knowledge.

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