Virtual Reference Region

The Virtual Reference Region intends to be a useful tool for benchmarking the different HealthTIES partners in all HealthCare technology Innovation Cycle related indicators. Innovations arise mostly from geographic clusters, defined as groupings of independent undertakings, and play an increasing role in regional development. The objective is identifying best practices that confer regional advantage by comparing the innovation clusters that take part in the HealthTIES Consortium.

The Virtual Reference Region is being created after the different analyses (SWOT, Small and Medium Enterprises status, Knowledge and Technology Transfer situation and research, educational and infrastructure strengths), carried out in Work Package 3 and Work Package 4. The data to be collected were defined, from the outset, as those relevant for the HealthTIES disciplines: biotech, medtech, life sciences, engineering and medical sciences.

The indicators used in the Virtual Reference Region are based on available literature and models complemented with instruments from each partner region. These indicators have been grouped into three innovation phases: Input, Innovation System and Output.

The Virtual Reference Region will also be essential for the mentoring activities since the tool will incorporate best practices from each of the HealthTIES regions and recommendations for general cluster-conditions. The VRR will also be used for preparing a document for guidance in how to establish a new research-driven cluster.

Until now, the Consortium partners have completed the different analyses that should integrate the Virtual Reference Region. All data have been gathered and a further analysis on their comparability is being done.

Once all verifications have been finished, the Strategic Advisory Committee has reviewed and validated the VRR.

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