From Science to Market

We want science and technology to meet patients. An efficient path from investigation to products requires the identification of all the stakeholders involved in this process and putting in place the best channels and tools for their collaboration.

The challenge is how to speed up the translation of basic scientific discovery into clinical and industrial application. Room for improvement within Europe has been detected, as well as significant potential for growth and competitiveness in healthcare technology development.

For this purpose HealthTIES partners have identified local stakeholders in healthcare technology and depicted the significant connections between them, geared towards the needs of the European citizens. The resulting graphic illustrates the Healthcare Innovation Cycle, a strategic HealthTIES model showing how innovation in healthcare technology is organized.

Our goal is to stimulate innovation by enhancing the regional cycles of each partner through the exchange of best practices, strengthening of the knowledge base, developing and implementing a joint Research and Technological Development, education, investment and innovation agenda.

We consider that improving innovation performance involves three steps: