To Research Institutions

Research institutions are the owners of knowledge and know-how. Investigation is key, even more if synergies between centres conducting basic and applied reseach are the basis for the construction of an European sustainable model in healthcare.

HealthTIES intends to:

  • Attract EU and non-EU talent at a Bachelor, Master and PhD level, as well as entrepreneurs through providing ample development and growth opportunities and offering challenging positions.
  • Develop joint education programmes in the four major disease areas defined: Cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and immunology and infectious diseases.
  • Offers the best environment for sharing and/or jointly investing in state-of-the art facilities, such as synchrotrons, clinical imaging centres, clinical trial centres, high throughput DNA sequencing and chemistry and drug development centres.
  • Provide a platform for finding synergies and opportunities for public-private collaboration between regions
  • Identify ways to improve the current European intellectual property and regulatory system to facilitate cooperation between research institutions and companies.
  • Provide the best growing field for research organizations in order to look for synergies and positive collaboration between regions, as well as achieving a superior level of maturation.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in these HealthTIES activities and processes.