Methodology within HealthTIES

Analysis, integration and dissemination: these are the principles that guide the HealthTIES working methodology. Coordination and task assignment within the Consortium is vital for the achievement of the desired results.

The ultimate goal to master the healthcare challenge of the 21st century was translated into concrete tasks that are structured into HealthTIES Work Packages (WPs). These WPs provide the HealthTIES Consortium with strategic and structural guidelines and processes.

All HealthTIES partners have a key role in each Work Package.

There are eight Work Packages structured grouped into four strategic axes:

  • Management (WP1)
  • Analysis (WP2, WP3 & WP4)
  • Synthesis(WP2 & WP6)
  • Fundraising, Mentoring and Communication (WP5, WP7 & WP8)

Taken together, the Work Packages frame the working methodology within HealthTIES Consortium.