The HealthTIES analysis phase provided parameters to benchmark regional innovation ecosystems. Every HealthTIES region showed distinct strengths and weaknesses. The anaylsis results as well as intense discussions amongst the innovation key players of the analyzed regions made the HealthTIES consortium realize that this project could be the starting point for a structural pan-European consortium for health innovation: HealthTIES-X. A future HealthTIES-X initative is build on the HealthTIES analyses of the five participating regions (benchmark results), which led to the extration of regional action plans as well as a Joint Action Plan
May, 2013
The objective of WP7 is to mentor the Észak-Alföld region to create a local research-driven healthcare cluster. The mentoring activities pay special heed to general HealthTIES concepts and ideas. These are the triple helix structure, the Healthcare Technology Innovation Cycle and the Healthcare Technology Specialization Matrix.
January, 2013