Challenges in healthcare

As current models of organizing healthcare has proven to be inefficient, HealthTIES identifies the challenges to face and carries out a proper analysis of regional healthcare technology ecosystems.

Europe is currently facing two main challenges in healthcare:

  • An increasingly ageing population
  • The sustainability of the healthcare system

The increase of life expectancy is a fact and, in consequence, a rapidly expanding population group is susceptible to suffer from specific diseases linked to ageing. This fact will have an undoubted effect on the sustainability of modern society and healthcare systems.

Currently the cost of the healthcare sector is not sustainable and therefore we need to find ways to use the limited resources more efficiently and effectively. The need for sustainable healthcare systems translates into a range of challenges in science and technology for the benefit of our society and our economy.

The solution requires a collaborative approach - this means that we need to find synergies and work together sharing experience and knowledge.